Fence: At Ong Fencing

We specialize in customize fencing and metal services such as railing, gratings and metal gates as you can be assured that the requirements will receive personal attention from our group of experienced, professional and friendly staffs that will strive to meet your needs for cost effeciveness. Our main goal is to satisfy both current and future customers requirement, exceeding their expectations.

Anti Climb Fence

original welded fence with concentinal barbed tape


original anti climb fence with concentinal barbed tape


Changi Water
Reclamation Plant
  • Fencing DistanceEast 2.5 Km.
  • Year2007
Changi Airport
  • Fencing DistanceEast 6 Km.
  • Year2007
Pulau Tekong
Project Site
  • Fencing DistanceEast 6 Km.
  • Year2008
Changi Naval
  • Fencing DistanceEast 800 Meters
  • Year2008